Stitched patterned Vinyl
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£ 29.98
Stitched patterned Vinyl, this is ideal for seating, rock and roll beds,  panel covering in vans, horseboxes, boats and many other conversion projects.

Roll width is 130cm and you can buy up to 10m in length in one piece

When using on panels it is best to glue and staple the material to the panel to make sure this is secure

Faux leather vinyl with a 6mm foam and scrim backing for ease of use
Our Vinyl is the better quality as you can see in the pictures the definite grain in the material whereas some other suppliers are using a lesser grade and vinyl. 

Available in all different designs and colours 

This price is per metre off the roll, if you would like more off the roll just put the amount in the quantity ( e.g if you put 5 in the quantity you will receive 5m as one piece off the roll) 
Please make sure you order enough for your project as we cannot guanentee we will still stock the same colour next time you order!

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