Altro Safety Flooring

Altro Safety flooring can be used in Vans,  minibuses and coaches. It is a very hardwearing flooring, non slip and also looks the part.

Therefore it is perfect for the campervan conversions when in the great outdoors and will last a very long time.

This Altro flooring is ideal for using in the rear of the vans as it is a safety slip resistant heavy duty vinyl material and also looks nice with the sparkle in the material used. Altro is used in many commercial areas such as hospitals, public houses, toilets ect.  We supply this flooring to many of our motorhome, campervan and horesbox builders. We find that the Altro flooring is the best on the market for this job, There are some cheaper flooring versions available on the market but not as good quality and wear ability as the official Altro flooring.

There are two versions listed in the shop, the Walkway and also our slightly cheaper alternative the Contrax. The main difference between the two are that there is more variety of colour in the Walkway and also the wear layer is 2mm in the walkway and 0.9 in the Contrax.

If you want to adhesive the floor down we recommend the blue contact adhesive  we sell. This will not react with the plastisizers in the floor.

Product Categories
Walkway is the better product of te two floorings with a thicker wear layer and more variety of