Full downsides DAF XF 106 quilted
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Full set of DAF XF 106 downsides stitched quilted
embroidery lettering
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 Full set of DAF XF 106 mats in a quality stitched quilted vinyl of your choice, this set includes 2 footwells and the full bonet cover over the sides. 
These are made to fit each model of truck so choose carefully 

The two footwells and centre mat are joined together with velcro to securely hold in place once fitted

All our truck mats include a drivers heelmat sewn into the mats to helps with wear and tear 

You can choose the colour vinyl you would like and also the edgings, we have a leather look edging to match the material but most do opt for the black edge as there is a lot of detailing in the material itself. 

These mats can also include embroidery of your choice which you can select from the drop down lists. You can choose fromm one logo in the centre mat or include a logo on each side of the footwells. 

Please allow 5 working days for dispatch as these do take a little longer to manufacture!
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