Veltrim Van Lining Carpet

Veltrim” is a smooth vehicle lining carpet specially made to be used in the interior trim of all vehicles of all types. It has been constructed so that it allows the sub-strata to breath and can be easily stretched around corners and into those most awkward places without loosing its wearability,“Veltrim”is also thin enough to be placed under most vehicle trims like rubber window seals. We developed this product many years ago to be used in the coachbuilding industry and have complied with the rules and regulations of this industry with regards to "Type Approval" and "Vehicle End of Life Compliance" which no other manufacturers have done.
  • Composition – 100% polypropylene fibre
  • Texture – A smooth velour carpet
  • Weight – 500gms./sq.m. + 5%
  • Roll size 2m. wide x 30m. long
  • Flame Retardancy tested to FMVSS302 and Tested for “Type Approval”No e11 95/28*00*37

There is another lining material available in our shop called "Easyliner" which for the DIY type build, It is a four way stretch lining carpet therefore even easier to work with than this "Veltrim" and it also has its type approval certificate. see other items 
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